Some brief notes on TextAreaPlus

Been a quite long time since the last update. I’m a bit ashamed for not keeping the blog updated regularly but I must confess that I’ve been expending my time on other affairs more important to me.

Anyways, in this weeks I’ve been working again on TextAreaPlus, actually I’ve been busy making a full rewrite of the lexing scanner and optimizing the implementation to the limits of my knowledge. The algorithm used is described in the project wiki.

Today I was re-installing the PC at work since it broke havoc yesterday. After finishing the installation of almost all softwares I decided to have a look for a notepad replacement which was more feature packed than Scite and a bit faster than Notepad++ to perform some minor editing of config files mainly. In the search I found a couple of new editors which I didn’t knew about but which seem to be gaining momentum. Both seem to be based on a successful Mac text editor called TextMate, which I have heard about from Ruby-on-Rails evangelists but given my allergic reactions to anything mac related lately I didn’t check before. Today, trying those two new editors I got interested in TextMate and I’ve been learning about it in the last hour.

So long history short, I thought I had invented the sliced bread with my implementation and design ideas for TextAreaPlus but it turns out that Allan Oddgaard, the TextMate developer, already implemented it in a very similar way a couple of years ago. My feelings are a bit conflictive right now, in one way I feel sad because I just reinvented the wheel but in the other I feel reassured to have come up with a solution which turns out to be proved and successful.

I’ve written a couple hundred words with a couple of links in this post using a lame browser textarea, in moments like this I wish I had already a production ready version of TextAreaPlus. Lets hope I don’t keep wishing for it too long.