Nokia's N810 on the mail

After being trying to get an iphone for a couple of months and haven’t succeed at it, I sat down and did an extensive research on the market offerings for my needs. Finally I found what I needed and to my surprise it wasn’t the phone with the Apple logo.

I spend more than two hours each day on the train which gets absolutely packed at rush hours, so my plan to work on the laptop while traveling is not a feasible option (Even with my smallish Dell XPS M1330). Checking email and rss feeds on my Sony Ericsson K800i cellphone works but with the huge amount of tunnels in the trip the data connection keeps falling and the screen is not that big as to make it a nice experience. So I decided to try with the Apple’s phone which should offer a great experience while on the move with its large touch screen and the ability to sync imap accounts for offline reading of the inbox and nice rss reading. Since I couldn’t obtain one I searched on the net for alternatives and I felt in love with Nokia’s N810 internet tablet device.

The N810 is not a smart phone, it just offers Wifi and Bluetooth radios so it needs to tether with a phone to access mobile data networks. It does offer however a wonderful touch screen sporting a 800×480 resolution with an amazing 225dpi (quite good for ebook reading), a full qwerty keyboard and a Linux based (Maemo) operating system with a ton of available third party application and games. What I like the most about the device is that its environment is really open, which will allow me to tinker with it and suit it best to my needs.

So yesterday I placed the order on Nokia’s online shop for it and I should be enjoying this wonderful device next week. A big big big thanks to Cristina for giving me this great present!