Introducing FLV4PHP

This weekend I found some time to work in a new project. In the last post I wrote about streaming video for Flash players, I went thru some different options for that task and one of them was the HTTP progressive download of FLV files.

There is an interesting idea to make seeking possible when using a simple HTTP download (I think Google Video does just this), it has been already mentioned in a few places.

There are some tools already which can inject the needed metadata into an flv file, namely, FLVTool2 and flvmdi. The ffmpeg project can create FLV files and there seem to be already patches to support the creation of metadata entries too.

Over the years I’ve come to love to develop readers for obscure (not standard neither well documented) file formats, it’s quite a challenge to do it but since the file format spec is not public you have a very good excuse when bugs are found :)

So I’ve started to work on a system to serve video (and also audio only) files to Flash based players with support for seeking. The idea is to just limit ourselves to use PHP and Flash technologies, no shell scripts or compiled programs, since they are difficult to get running on most shared hosts.

Right now the FLV analyzing library is finnished and the sample metadata extraction tool can process a 140Mb FLV in just 1.3 seconds on my cheap DreamHost test system.

So take a look at the project page, right now I’m looking for an Action Script guru to help out with the development of the player. I’ve tried to get my brains around Flash but I haven’t got much success :(

By the way, all this work will be used for an upcoming project I’m planning. Am I the only one who think that current web photo gallery systems suck?