Just a quick post about yet another Internet Explorer glitch

When you want to add a new input element to a page, you must define the type attribute before including the new element in the document tree.

var inp = document.createElement('INPUT');
inp.setAttribute('type', 'checkbox');

I was going crazy because I had the 2nd and 3rd lines swapped, which makes Internet Explorer display the input element as type text and gives an exception when trying to change the type.

In my coding style, even if it’s not the more efficient one, I try to append the new elements just after creating them so I don’t forget to do it.

Ideally, to optimize the execution speed, we should always add the element when it’s completely defined, to avoid browser redraws. Even if we need to add a bunch of elements, it’s better to create them in a document fragment, outside the document tree, and when we are done just insert the whole fragment.