Consolidate e-mail accounts in GMail

Over time GMail has been giving options to easily consolidate email accounts with them, however they offer it under its conditions, which might not always match your requirements.

For example, they allow to fetch mail from a remote account with POP3 only, not IMAP. Moreover, the frequency by which they fetch new mails is not very reliable, going from 5 minutes to upto an hour!

Recently they introduced the posibility to use a remote SMTP server to deliver emails from consolidated email addresses, fixing the issue with Outlook mail clients displaying the infamous “on behalf of” tag. However they only support remote SMTP servers offering secured connections (TLS) or at least secured logins (STARTTLS).

To solve the mail forwarding issue, a veteran program by the name of fetchmail can be easily used. Here is my config to fetch email via the IMAP protocol and forward it using a sendmail like command line MDA tool.

In /etc/fetchmailrc

set daemon 120

poll MY.IMAP.SERVER imap
    smtpname ""
    mda '/usr/sbin/sendmail'

Fetchmail will even allow to specify which IMAP folders to fetch, so you can configure it to also forward your Sent folder for example.

Since I didn’t want to install a full SMTP server just for forwarding the email, I went with msmtp, which is a SMTP client for relaying to a SMTP mailhub or smart host. Note that we can’t use GMail’s SMTP server for this task, since it’ll rewrite the From header from the messages, meaning that all the emails will look like they come from ourselves.

In /etc/msmtprc

tls off
logfile /var/log/msmtp.log

account MY_ACCOUNT
port 25
auth login

account default : MY_ACCOUNT

msmtp should install a symlink under /usr/sbin/sendmail so it gets somewhat compatible with it for the most simple tasks. Note that it won’t do local delivery but instead connect to the configured SMTP server to relay the email messages.

With this setup I can get new messages almost instantly in GMail. Now I needed to solve the use of a custom SMTP server in GMail, to avoid the “on behalf of” issue with Outlook recipients.

Since the SMTP server of my consolidated account didn’t offer TLS neither STARTTLS, I had to create a secure tunnel for it in my hosting server with stunnel. You can learn to generate a certificate for the SSL connections from its site and documentation. What follows is just the section of the configuration to secure the SMTP tunnel.

accept = 587
protocol = smtp

Now in GMail settings I can simply configure a remote SMTP server for my consolidated email by using the address of the server running the tunnel on port 587, which upon a connection will proxy the request to the actual remote SMTP server.

Finally I have a really consolidated external email address in GMail. The setup is quite easy to implement and light on resources.